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Buy Sexy Womens Topless Swimwear and Bathing Suits by Brigitewear

The sexy Versailles one piece topless thong swimsuits for the mature woman exclusively by Brigite for Brigitewear

The Versailles women's topless swimsuits by Brigitewear can be paired up with her Shiny T shirt and be worn anywhere!

Versailles  women's topless swimsuits. The ultimate in sensual swimwear

A great suit for the Riviera or anywhere topless sunbathing is allowed. Or wear it in private or on those special occasions with your significant other. An extremely flattering suit, the "suspender" straps enhance the bustline and increase your cleavage. Deep plunging front and exotic thong swimsuit bottom make this the most exciting suit that you will own. Add the sheer T shirt and have a wear anywhere suit.

Women's topless swimsuits were voted "sexiest" of all swimwear designs in Brigite's latest customer survey 1.  One piece thong swimsuits were a close second.  This creation combines both to make the ultimate in a sexy sensual women's swimsuit.  Take the plunge. You only live once.

Versailles one piece thong womens topless swimsuits by Brigitewear,  French designer exotic swimwear - for the confident, mature  women.

"Sale" $109.00  Now $ 58.95

Fun, exotic, exciting, a wonderful topless thong bathing suit addition to your wardrobe (or your lover's wardrobe). 

Topless swimsuits by Brigitewear are constructed to be worn for any activity as well as sunning  The Versailles topless swimsuit one piece thong by Brigite for Brigitewear International

A special suit for those special times.

Buy womens topless swimsuits and exotic thong swimwear by Brigite

Sleek and sexy. Exotic beachwear for day or evening. Bust enhancing design dramatically increases cleavage.

 Exotic womens topless swimwear and g string bathing suits online

You'll be a standout in this exotic timeless thong one piece topless swimwear by Brigitewear


Topless One Piece swimwear by Brigitewear, the Versailles enchances cleavage and give you a fit athletic appearance


Great, exciting topless swimwear and topless bathing suits for women by Brigite


Sheer T shirts and cover-ups by Brigitewear


Sheer T shirt cover-ups

Sexy and sassy yet elegant womens topless swimsuits.  Classic suspender thong design can be paired up with our Shiny, Sheer T shirt for a truly versatile suit that can be worn anywhere.

  Topless swimsuits and thong swimwear by Brigite

Live a little, have some fun, not for everywhere but for those special times there is no substitute!

Topless swimsuit by Brigitewear, the Versailles, sexy swimwear for the mature woman Topless swimsuits for women by Brigitewear

One piece thong womens topless swimsuits, just the sexiest women's swimwear available !

A great sultry, classic look. Simple yet elegant, you will love this sophisticated women's topless swimwear!  For the confident woman, there is nothing sexier!

Thong one piece topless bathing suits by Brigite

Savvy and sophisticated sexy swimwear.

 Versailles  by Brigitewear TM


Our newest Topless thong swimwear - Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo topless thong one piece bathing suit by Brigitewear

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